Las Vegas Pitchfest 2014 Results!

That’s right! The results are in.

As some of you may know, I was invited by Author House to attend a Pitchfest 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada this February.

It’s a two day event for learning more about pitches, meeting other writers, and pitching your novel to Hollywood representatives.

The  pitches we had to learn were only two minute long summaries about our novel. If we finished before the two minutes were up, we could answer questions any questions the representatives asked. Other than that, we didn’t even know who the representatives were or how to contact them.

If they liked our pitch, they could request a manuscript of the novel from our publishers, and we wouldn’t  know if our books were requested for some time.

But the time has come!

Some of the results were a bit discouraging…


Others were better, but still no requests…


And finally- one request!


(I am fifteen, but who cares how old they think I am if they like it? Haha!)

I’m very happy with the results. The next steps are all in the producers’ hands. They will look over the manuscript of the novel and decide if it’s still worth checking out, and it could be years before anything happens, if anything happens at all.

So, I’m not holding my breath for a blockbuster movie. I’m only going to be happy for the response and opportunity I had, and that, hey, maybe something will come of it!

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